My Initial Response to Baudrillard

The first thing impressed me about Baudrillard, is the movie Marrix, the director of which is influenced by Baudrillard’s notion of imulacra and Simulation according to the Wikipedia. The Matrix, shows us a simulation world that all the objects we see are actual the fake illusion created by the computer program. Human is the independent subject whereas they have limited authority and confined in the virtual object.

 Baudrillard’s notion of simulation derives from the separation of the symbol and the object they represent by the emerging of mass media. The mass media have two basic functions: the first one is the “creation of representations or simulations—reproduced version of reality.” Second, the mass media deal with information rather than with communication.”(Foss, 313) The evolution of simulation has four stages, that is, symbolic order, counterfeits, production and simulation. I can see what he means when he mentions the simulation of the object. However, I still cannot take another step to see the centrality of the object. He implied “the object no longer is an expression emerging from a relationship of symbolic exchange but is an interchangeable unit… a discrete element in a chain of signification, infinitely transmissible and recombinable.”(Foss, 317) But where is the subject? Will subject lost in the mess of simulation and symbols? I don’t think so. Although I quiet like his genius ideas, I can’t agree with him. 


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