Several Responses to Bell Hooks

1. In Contemporary Perspectives,  Foss& Foss describe Hooks “talking back” or “speaking as an equal to an authority figure…having an opinion” became a characteristic way in which hooks responded to the inequities( 267);  however, in my culture, speaking your own opinion after the speeches of the authority is taken as an respect. And I think even in American culture, interrupting in somebody’s talk is someway rude. In my opinion, the women will have something which deserve the authorities’ respect.  Pointless talking back only results in disrespect.

2. Bell hooks is the pen name of Gloria Watkins. And hooks took this name as “claiming an identity that affirms her right to speech.” and she also sees a pseudonym  as a reminder that her ideas can change. (270) Why does she need a pseudonym as a new identity? What is the difference between her original identity and the new one? I think since she is fighting for her identity in the whole life, she will not change her identity at all.

3. In Choosing the Margin as a Space of Radical Openness, bell hooks looks back her childhood in the southern small town. The painful experience of segregation and her life at the university evokes her understanding of location and space.  Hooks proposes one needs a community of resistance; however, when the marginalized people get together and developed a way of seeing reality. We looked both from the outside in and from the inside out. We focused our attention on the center as well as on the margin.”  Her sense of wholeness, provide us a mode of seeing unknown to most of our oppressors.(239)

Being the member of margin is a kind of resistance. From her , I can see a notion of relative and opposition. And the opposition is not always stable, it depends on the time, space and location. Now I can see the reason why she use a pseudonym to the public. I think she need a whole image of her multi identities struggle in the segregation  and the male-dominant  society.


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